A Campaign for Starcraft


Don't know what Lovecraftian horror is?
Arkham House and Chaosium can sell you everything you need to know. 

Don't know who Delta Green are? 
Delta Green is the award-winning and utterly cool brain child of Pagan Publishing.  It is used here with John Tynes' permission, and remains his intellectual property--NOT mine, NOT Blizzard's. 

Space Madness (9M)
The whole shootin' match

I very much enjoyed Starcraft, and not just for the clean mechanics and excellent game play, but for the carefully brooding atmoshpere of the original campaigns.  It's not just a wargame, it's  was a creeping, frightening revelation as to what your enemy was going to throw at you next.  I have taken this one step further and introduced  elements of Lovecraftian horror to my campaign. 

In  Space Madness , I have used the Delta Green intellectual property, with the permission of John Tynes.  It is an entirely human campaign, but you will find your opponents a little... different from the standard Starcraft campaign.

Space Madness can be played with with original Starcraft version 1.04 or higher, or Brood War, although it doesn't make use of any of the special  Brood War units.   It works for either IBM or Mac. 

Special thanks to Renee Middleton, who is the voice of your Delta Green contact. 

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