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Deftness 3d6
Shootiní: shotgun 2

Nimbleness 1d8
Fightiní: shovel 4
Sneak 2

Quickness 4d6

Strength 3d6

Vigor 3d8

Cognition 4d10

Knowledge 2d12
Academia Occult 3
Area Knowledge: home county 2
Blood Magic 5
Language: English 2
Language: Welsh
Professional: Theology 2
   Trade: Undertaking
   Trade: carpentry 3

Mien 4d6
   Overawe 4

Smarts 2d6
   Survival: plains 2

Spirit 4d10
   Guts 5

Wind 18

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
Whateley Blood 3
Brave 2
Seen the Elephant 3

Hindrances: Grim Servant oí Death Ė5
Damned -5

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic : Deathís Shroud, Mark of Death, Necrology, Shallow Grave, Spirit Walk

Gear: bag of carpentry tools, a sturdy shovel, bedroll

Personality: Greetings, sir. Iím sorry to hear of your friends passing. The plains can be a dangerous place. You seem to be a bit short handed right now? Could you take me? I wonít stay long, I donít eat much, and Iím willing to do what I can. Iím skilled at woodworking, and Iím well versed in the good book. As I said, the plains are a dangerous place, and I can fight when need be, and if any of our trail mates not make it to the next down, I can give him a proper grave. What do you say?

Quote: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."