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Deftness 4d6
    Shootin’: pistol 4

Nimbleness 3d6
    Fightin’: knife 3
    Sneak 2

Quickness 4d6

Strength 2d6

Vigor 1d8

Cognition 3d6
Search 2

Knowledge 2d12
Academia Occult 3
Area Knowledge: home county 2
Blood Magic 5
Language: English 2
Language: Welsh 2
   Medicine: general 1

Mien 2d10
   Persuasion 4

Smarts 4d10

Spirit 3d8
   Guts 3

Wind 16

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
Whateley Blood 3
Brave 2

Hindrances: Scrawny –5
Thin Skinned –3
Blood Thirsty -2

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Cauterize, Decompose, Mark of Famine, Sanguinary Ward, Steal Life

Gear: Large knife, derringer, colt army revolver, 20 bullets for each, $100

Personality: Have you ever seen such a society so bent on consumption? No, not the lung disease, I mean consuming. Eating, and drinking, and what have you. There are people all over the west just scraping for a meal on their poor farms. And then there are the miners, and cowhands, and outlaws, just gobbling up everything they come across, like locusts. I don’t see why they can eat and gorge themselves while farmers starve on their dust blown land.

Quote: "That could have fed five orphans in Lost Angels for a week! I hope you’re happy."