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Deftness 3d6
    Shootin’: Shotgun 3

Nimbleness 3d6
    Fightin’: Knife 4
    Sneak 3

Quickness 4d6

Strength 2d6

Vigor 4d6

Cognition 3d8
Search 2

Knowledge 2d12
Academia: Occult 5
    Area Knowledge: home county 2
    Blood Magic 5
    Language: English 2
    Language: Welsh 2
    Medicine: General 2

Mien 1d8
    Overawe 3

Smarts 2d6
    Ridicule 3
    Scroungin’ 2
    Survival: Swamp 2
    Survival: Forest 2

Spirit 4d10
    Guts 5

Wind 16

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
    Whateley Blood 3
    Apt Pupil 2
    Apt Pupil 2
    Apt Pupil 2
    Belongin’s: Arcane Tome 3
    Veteran o’ the Weird West 0 (have the marshal draw a card)

Hindrances: Geezer -5
    Ugly as sin -1
    Stubborn –2
    Enemy –2: you aren’t cooperating in your family’s plans

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Blood Curse, Crimson Fire, Faustian Deal, Hangman’s Noose, Mesmerize, Necrology, Pox, Soul Sight

Gear: Large Knife, ancient grimoire, a cheap shotgun, 10 shells

Personality: So you want my help do ya? Ha! I’ve had years of townsfolk with torches and pitchforks folks yelling, ‘burn her!’ and ‘hang her!’ and ‘she turned me into a newt!’. It always comes back to the simple folk needing my help. And what do I do? I help, damn it! It takes guts to come and ask me for help against the very things that give me my power.

Quote: Bubble, Bubble, toil and blah, blah, blah….