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Deftness 2d6
Shootin: Pistol 2

Nimbleness 4d6
    Fightin’: Knife 2
    Sneak 2

Quickness 3d6

Strength 3d6

Vigor 1d8

Cognition 2d10

Knowledge 2d12
Academia Occult 2
    Area Knowledge: home county 2
    Blood Magic 5
    Language: English 2
    Language: Welsh 2
    Language: Latin 2
    Medicine: General 5
    Medicine: Surgery 5

Mien 4d6

Smarts 4d10

Spirit 3d8
Guts 4

Wind 16

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
    Whateley Blood 3
    Brave 2
    Seen the Elephant 2

Hindrances: Ailin’ –3
    Ugly as sin –1
    Hankerin’ –3: Laudanum
    Cautious -3

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Blood Curse, Life Ebb, Mark of Pestilence, Pox, Scuttle

Gear: large knife, Army revolver, 20 bullets, nice suit, doctors bag with medical supplies, bottle of laudanum, $150

Personality: (cough, cough) Pardon me. Sick? No… I’ve had this since I was little. I don’t know what it is. I went to plenty of doctors and miracle healers as a kid. Nothing helped. So I became a doctor myself. And wouldn’t you know it? Countless hundreds of dollars and six years of college later, I’m not closer to figuring out what I have than I’ve ever been (cough). My family has always had its share of… uh… health problems. Maybe it’s something in my blood.

Quote: "Trust me (cough, cough) I’m a (cough) doctor (cough, cough, cough)."