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Deftness 1d8
Shootin’: Pistol 2

Nimbleness 2d10
Fightin’: Knife 3
Horse Ridin’ 2

Quickness 3d6

Strength 4d6

Vigor 4d10

Cognition 3d6
Trackin’ 2

Knowledge 2d12
Academia Occult 2
Area Knowledge: home county 2
    Blood Magic 5
Language: English 2
Language: Welsh 2

Mien 2d6

Smarts 3d8
   Survival: Desert 2
   Streetwise 2

Spirit 4d8
Guts 2

Wind 14

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
Whateley Blood 3
Law Man 5 (Ranger "Musician")

Hindrances: Enemy –2: northerners
Enemy –2: your family disagrees with your career choice.
Obligation –5: hunt down the supernatural and shoot it or recruit it.
Yearnin’ –1: be free of your family taint (would be nice, but no chance)

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Balk, Cauterize, Crimson Fire, Expel, Heart Seeker

Gear: Bowie Knife, double action colt peacemaker, box of 50 bullets, horse, $50 in confederate scrip, gray duster, lone star badge

Personality: Yep, I’m a musician. The Rangers made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, though I would have joined up for less. What kind of music do I play? Well, actually I sing. The Rangers were interested in the Old Welsh songs I knew. Really old songs… Sorry, can’t sing for you now, I’m a little busy. Could you point me towards the cemetery? I’ve got some… family matters I have to look into.

Quote: "I’ve got more than Texan Pride runnin’ in my veins."