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Deftness 2d6
Shootin’: pistol 2

Nimbleness 3d6
Teamster 3

Quickness 3d6

Strength 4d6

Vigor 2d10

Cognition 4d10

Knowledge 2d12
Academia: Occult 2
Area Knowledge: home county 2
Blood Magic 5
Language: English 2
Language: Welsh 2
Medicine: General 3
Professional: Theology 2
Trade: Undertaking 5

Mien 4d6
Persuasion 2

Smarts 3d8

Spirit 1d8
Guts 4
    Faith 2

Wind 18
Pace 6

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
Whateley Blood 3

Hindrances: Tin Horn –2
Thin Skinned –3
Pacifist –3
Enemy –2 (You embarrass the rest of the family)

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Cauterize, Death’s Shroud, Decompose, Expel, Necrology, Shallow Grave

Gear: Funeral Wagon, 2 black horses, nice suit, coffin, undertaking supplies, $10

Personality: Yes, I am an undertaker. I suppose we do tend to have that look about us don’t we. What can I do for you? Oh, sorry, I don’t have any plots for sale. I move around too much for that, but I do embalm and sell coffins. Oh, certainly, a coffin makes a wonderful gift for a friend, especially in these violent times. How tall is he? Not sure? Well, perhaps I can meet him. When will you next see him? High noon, tomorrow…? Oh dear….

Quote: "Have you given any thought to your eternal reward?"