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Deftness 3d8
Shootin’: shotgun 4

Nimbleness 2d12
Fightin’: knife 5

Quickness 3d6

Strength 4d10

Vigor 1d8

Cognition 2d6

Knowledge 2d10
Academia Occult 2
Area Knowledge: home county 2
Language: English 2
Language: Welsh 2
Blood Magic 5

Mien 3d6
    Overawe 3

Smarts 4d6

Spirit 4d6
Guts 2

Wind 14

Edges: Arcane Background: Blood Mage 3
Whateley Blood 3
Brawny 3

Hindrances: Bloodthirsty –2
Impulsive –3
Mean as a Rattler –2
Stubborn -2
Ugly as sin -1

Special Abilities:

Blood Magic 5: Crimson Fire, Hangman’s Noose, Heart Seeker, Mark of War, Mouth Piece o’ Hell

Gear: 2 big knives, shotgun, double barreled scattergun, box of 50 shells, $50

Personality: Can I help you with something? Yes you, Tinhorn! You’ve been staring at me all night. Is there something about me that upsets your gentle sensibilities? By all means, let me know. Is it my enormous size? Is it my twisted hands? My sparse hair? Perhaps the X on my forehead? If something you see offends you, please let me know. I’ll be sure to correct it. How does plucking out your eyes with my pig sticker sound?

Quote: What are you looking at?