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Deftness 4d6
Shootin’: Pistol 2
Filchin’ 2
Lock pickin’ 2
Throwin’: Unbalanced

Nimbleness 2d10
Climbing 2
Fightin’: brawlin’ 3
Sneak 3
Swimmin’ 2

Quickness 2d12

Strength 4d4

Vigor 1d8

Cognition 2d6

Knowledge 3d4
Area Knowledge: home county 2
Language: English 2

Mien 3d6

Smarts 4d10
    Scroungin’ 2
   Ridicule 2

Spirit 3d8
Guts 3

Wind 16

Pace 12

Edges: Whateley Blood 3
Light Sleeper 1
Fleet Footed 2
Brave 2

Hindrances: Big Mouth –3
Poverty –3
Kid -2
Yearnin’ –2 (grow up to be rich and powerful)

Gear: Cheap Army Revolver, box of 20 shells, $20

Personality: Hey! Don’t call me ‘Kid’! I’m almost 13! That’s better. Nope, I don’t got a family. At least not one that I ever knew. I grew up in an orphanage. And I ain’t goin’ back! That place was dull and dusty and cold. And the bigger kids would push me around. That’s how I got so tough. But I’ll show them. When I grow up, I’m gonna be one of the richest and most powerful folks on earth! And I’ll do anythin’ to do it.

Quote: "I may be a pipsqueak now, but just you wait!"