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John Constantine

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John Constantine from Who's Who #15 (1991)
Know of any other Constantine cameo appearances? E-mail me with the particulars.

John Constantine Cameos

A cameo is a quick, on-panel appearance by Constantine in which he is inactive. Memories, dreams, and crowd scenes are common cameo appearances; Constantine may even have a line of meaningless dialog. For the most part, cameo appearances are not important to the story, although they sometimes foreshadow an actual appearance by Constantine.  If the character is not referred to by any other name, I'll assume that the appearance is the 'real' John Constantine, and the appearance goes here.  A surprising number of these occur in bars...

Issue Writer Artist(s) Cover Date Comments
Alex Ross poster   Alex Ross   An Alex Ross gallery of Alan Moore characters
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special '91   Michael Avon Oeming Spring 1991  
Authority #9 Warren Ellis Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary 1/2000 Vision
Books of Magic #52 Peter Gross Temujin Parallel Constantine
Conjurors #2 Chuck Dixon Eduardo Barreto 5/1999 Brief appearance
Dr. Fate #1 (2003) Christopher Golden Don Kramer 10/2003 Vision
Death Talks About Life Neil Gaiman Dave McKean   device
Ex-Directory: the Secret Files of Bryan Talbot Bryan Talbot Bryan Talbot   A Bryan Talbot gallary of characters
Firestorm #85 John Ostrander Tom Grindberg   Vision
Flashpoint #5 Geoff Johns Andy Kubert 10/2011  
Green Lantern #81 Ron Marz Darryl Banks 12/1996 Hal Jordan’s funeral
Guy Gardner: Warrior #29 Beau Smith Phil Jimenez 3/1995 Bar Opening
Guy Gardner: Warrior #39 Beau Smith Marc Campos 2/1996 Spiking Christmas party punch at a bar
Hellstorm #2 Rafael Nieves Michael Bair 5/1993 Topic of conversation
Hitman #16 Garth Ennis John McCrea 7/1997 Memory
House of Mystery Special Sneak Peek Matthew Sturges &
Bill Willingham
Luca Rossi 6/2008 Commentator
I, Vampire #6 Joshua Hale Fialkov Andrea Sorrentino 4/2012  
Justice League Dark #35 J.M. DeMatteis Tom Derenick 12/2014 Illusion
Justice League of America; Wedding Special Dwayne McDuffie Mike Mckone 11/1997 Stag Party Crasher
Mister E #1 KM Jeter John K Snyder III 6/1991 Vision
Mobfire #1 Gary Ushaw Warren Pleece 12/1994 At a party
Mystic #15 Ron Marz Brandon Peterson 9/2001 In a bar
Names of Magic #5 Dylan Horrocks Richard Case 6/2001 Memory
Oni Press Color Special 2002 Warren Ellis Phil Hester 7/2002 A quick appearance
Preacher #7 Garth Ennis Steve Dillon   Walk-by in the park
Red Hood and the Outlaws #27 James Tynion IV Noel Rodriguez, Julius Gopez    
Sandman #2 Neil Gaiman Sam Keith, Mike Dringenberg   Vision
Sandman #71 Neil Gaiman Michael Zulli    
Secret Origins #23 Rick Veitch Brett Ewins 2/1988 Memory
Secret Origins #27 Ehrich Weiss Tom Artis 6/1988 Memories
Secret Origins Special #1 Neil Gaiman Mike Hoffman 1989 TV Interview’
Snakes & Ladders Alan Moore Eddie Campbell 2001 Alan Moore's memories
Spectre #62 John Ostrander Tom Mandrake 2/1998 Funeral crasher
Swamp Thing #25 Alan Moore Steven Bissette   1st apocryphal appearance
Swamp Thing #56 Alan Moore Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala 1/1987 Simulacrum
Swamp Thing #62 Rick Veitch Alfredo Alcala 7/1987 momentary vision
Swamp Thing #75 Rick Veitch Rick Veitch 8/1988 Thought
Swamp Thing #130 Nancy Collins Scot Eaton 4/1993 Hallucination
Swamp Thing vol. 3 #1 Brian Vaughn Roger Petersen 5/2000 Vision
Swamp Thing vol. 3 #8 Brian Vaughn Roger Petersen 12/2000 Dream
Swamp Thing vol. 3 #20 Brian Vaughn Giuseppe Camuncoli 12/2001 Vision
Swamp Thing vol. 4 #20 Joshua Dysart Richard Corben 12/2005 Vision
Underworld Unleashed:
The Abyss
Scott Peterson Phil Jimenez 12/1995 In a bar
Vertigo Gallery
Dreams & Nightmares
  Mark Chiarello 1995  
Vertigo Pop! Bangkok #1 Jonathan Vankin Guiseppe Camuncoli 7/2003 On the street
Vertigo Secret Files & Origins:
Swamp Thing
Michael Bonner Cliff Chiang 11/2000 Personal FIle
Vertigo Tarot   Dave McKean   The Fool
Vertigo X   Edouardo Risso 2003 Vertigo Gallery
Who’s Who in the DC Universe #15 Jeffrey Lang Will Simpson 1/1992 Personal File
Who’s Who in the DC Universe #22   Steve Bissette and John Totleben 12/1986 Swamp Thing background art
Who’s Who in the DC Universe
Update ‘87
  John Ridgeway 10/1987 Personal File
Zatanna: Come Together #1 Lee Marrs Esteban Maroto 7/1993 Dream
Zatanna: Come Together #2 Lee Marrs Esteban Maroto 8/1993 Dream

Writer/Artist Cameo Guide to Hellblazer #120
Garth and Will Simpson Page 1
Sean Phillips and Lou Stathis Page 2
Stuart Moore saying “um”, Jamie Delano, Axel Alonso and Paul Jenkins Page 3
Alan Moore Page 4
Sean Phillips Again; on the last page.