ALAN.JPG (27569 bytes) Twilight is an unpublished miniseries that Alan Moore proposed to DC sometime around 1986 or early 1987.  Hot off the successes of Watchmen and Swamp Thing, he apparently hoped to continue working with DC, creating the startlingly imaginative stories he is famous for.   Unfortuately, DC decided not to produce the series, whether due to the mature content of the story (kinky sex is implied, if not actually shown), or a dislike for the creative direction of the piece (the world has collapsed into a feudal society, with superheroes taking the place of hereditary nobility), I don't know.   Still, copies of the proposal have been leaked here and there, and it is a real shame that the series was not picked up. 

Twlight is an impressive story, full of the rich, complex, and entertaining plots twists that we have come to associate with Alan Moore, and on a grander scale than even Watchmen.   Most importantly to this web site, it involves two John Constantines, one from the "current" year 1987, and another in the "future" of 2000.  Alan Moore's John Constantine has always been someone who gets things done, but in this story, he puts all his other exploits to shame.  And since this is pre-Vertigo, John interacts with the DC Universe, showing all those oh-so-intelligent superhero types what someone with real, practical smarts is able to do.  And yet, even Constantine is outsmarted by someone who could credibly do so.

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    --John Goodrich    5/5/2000